About us

We are twin sisters and proud Central Albertans who were born and raised on a farm near Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Growing up on a farm we learned a work ethic that would later translate into our passion which is Queen Bee’s Frites and Sweets. We feel to this day it was hard work which taught us to strive for perfection and accept nothing less. We found our love of baking through simply eating fresh home baked goods. With an interest at a young age in baking, our mom let us have free range in the kitchen. Even with the odd cookie filled with salt instead of sugar, there was always a learning lesson and we were encouraged to just keep on trying. Years passed and with the love of baking still with us (elevated of course) we are so happy and excited to share all our favorite creations with you. We would love to thank our wonderful and supportive parents and spouses for believing in us. The moment we told them our idea, they gave us all the love and encouragement to allow us to reach for the stars.

In October 2015 we started with an idea of running a business that allowed us to wake up every morning and do something fun, exciting and what we truly love. What began as an idea quickly developed into a food truck and even more quickly we crossed our fingers this would all work out, went online, and just up and bought a shell of a truck. Upon first sight we knew she was perfect, but perfection is often in the eye of beholder. In this case, the challenge of our truck, from her metamorphosis of an old 1987 delivery work truck to a full-fledged food truck was simply remarkable.

Following some convincing, and the promise of a lifetime supply of frites & sweets, longtime family friend and our neighbour growing up, Len Auccoin agreed he would take on the job of making this endeavor a reality for us. From the shell that began as Stella, Len fabricated the entire food truck himself and with the help on his son, Andrew, we have an engine to get Stella from event to event. Throughout many stages of development and numerous changes (sorry Len), Queen Bees Frites & Sweets food truck is ready to hit road and deliver our creations to markets and special events all over Alberta. We are excited to share our passion with you! Come visit us at the market, check us out online and see what all the buzz is about.

Carmen & Cassandra


French Macarons

Queen Bees is excited to offer our beautiful French Macaron Party Favors all year round! These look amazing and really add a personal, stylish and colorful accent to any occasion whether is a Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday…. The possibilities are endless. These individual party favors of French Macarons come in all sizes and flavour combinations. You can even create a colour for your favors to go with the theme of your event!

Individual Party Favors

Bag of 1- $2.25

Bag of 2- $4.25

Bag of 3- $6.00

Each individual Macaron Party favor will be hand wrapped in our standard packaging with our signature label on the back. If you would like to provide us with special tags, we are happy to add them to your favors.

*Individual favor boxes are available upon request. These will be an additional cost.

When ordering Party Favors, we will need at least a week’s notice. Please try and book at your earliest convenience to ensure availability.

Boxes of French Macarons

This may be a great option if you are wanting to have French Macarons at your Party but not wanting the tower. The Macarons will be given to you in a macaron box so you can take them and put them however you wish! We make Macarons in batches of 20. For every 20 you choose you can add a flavour of choice up 4 to flavours. Prices are subject to GST. A 50 percent deposit is due upon ordering 80 macarons or more and the remainder will be due upon pick up or delivery. No charge for delivery in Red Deer.

French Macaron Boxes are required- are an additional $2 per box. Our boxes hold 5,10 and 20 Macarons.

1 Macarons- $1.90

20 Macarons-$38.00 (2 Flavour)

40 Macarons-$76.00 (2 Flavours)

60 Macarons- $114.00 (3 Flavours)

80 Macarons-$152.00 (4 Flavours)

100 Macarons-$190.00 (4 Flavours)

120 Macarons-$228.00 (4 Flavours)

140 Macarons $259.00 (4 Flavours)

160 Macarons $296.00 (4 Flavours)

180 Macarons $324.00 (4 Flavours)

200 Macarons $360.00 ( 4 Flavours)

Wedding Macaron Towers

Large Macaron Towers are a show stopper centerpiece! These are amazing at weddings and can be used in place of a cake. Large Macaron Towers can be used at any large venue. We rent out the tower for $150.00. If the tower is returned in the proper condition, you will be refunded $75.00. (total cost of renting tower is $75.00) If the tower is cracked or broken and we are unable to reuse it Queen Bees will retain the full deposit. A 50 percent deposit is due upon ordering 80 Macarons or more, and the remaining will be due upon pick up or delivery. No charge for delivery in Red Deer. To price your tower please use the Macarons prices above and add your tower rental to that total. Towers come in all sizes depending on your guest count. If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us!


After Eight

Chocolate Mint

Earl Grey de la Creme

Keylime Pie

Cookies and Cream

Maple Walnut


Toasted Coconut

Vietnamese Coffee

Lemon Poppy Seed




Apple Pie

Banana Fosters

Pumpkin Spice

** Fall and Christmas Flavours Available** Please ask!

Flavours may vary. Please check for additional flavours and if you have any special requests regarding color and flavour we are happy to see what we can do for you!.


Thank you for considering Queen Bees Food Truck. We will do everything possible to make your event spectacular! Whether you are wanting us for a Special Birthday, Summer Reunion, Anniversary Party, A beautiful Wedding, Midnight lunch or corporate event… The possibilities are endless! Queen Bees is ready and excited to partner up and add a special flair and excitement to your occasion. We are dedicated to working with you and providing excellent service and delicious food which you will never forget.

Queen Bees has a wide variety of delicious desserts and gourmet fries served out of a transformed 1987 Grummann Food Truck named Stella! We offer 5 selections of both yummy desserts and gourmet frites served with a variety of fresh aioli’s for dipping!

Queen Bees also does orders for individual sized desserts. You can custom order any amount of desserts you need for your event. This would be perfect bridal shower, baby shower, special birthday or even a wedding, we have you covered! Please call a week in advance for small orders and 2 weeks for larger orders. If you have any further questions, please contact us!


What packages do you offer?:

The Full Food Truck Experience - This will allow your guests to order whatever they choose, whether its our famous frites, a decadent dessert or both! To start, our fee is $950.00 plus GST. This gives you 2 hours of serving time (not including set up and take down), all the selections of frites, desserts (the agreed selection) and beverages up to value of $950.00. If your event exceeds the $950.00 amount in product we will bill you the additional costs owed. You will have 2 hrs to use your $950.00 credit at Queen Bees Frites and Sweets. If your event does not consume the full amount of $950.00 in the agreed slotted time frame, Queens Bees will not refund the remainder amount. $950.00 is the minimum charge. You may add an additional time if available by Queen Bees ($100 per half hour).

The Queen Bee Package - We created this package for those who just want the service of Frites or Desserts. This is a great package for your guests to be able to enjoy our popular frites or a dessert of choice.

$600 minimum for dessert option
$800 minimum for frites option

All packages will ensure sufficient staffing for quality customer service.

Corporate Event Package

We would love to come up to your office and serve up a lunch to you and your hard working teammates! For this package there is a minimum charge of $500.00. You will get up to 1.5 hours of serving time. We will take a $100 non-refundable deposit..

Dessert Catering - Are you having special event such as a Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Dinner Party… and would like to order individual desserts?! Queen Bees would be delighted to bake for your special day! You can order any amounts desserts. There is no minimum required. Please just give us a week notice for more than 20 desserts and we would be happy to prepare those for you. Dessert are $6 each.

How many food options do I get with a private event? Depending on the size of the event you will have choices available to you for desserts. If your event is between 100-130ppl we will have 3 choices of desserts for your guests to choose from. If you have over 130ppl we will have up to 4 options available. We will only prepare enough for your event with a few extras. For example: If you have 100 people at your event and have 3 options of desserts for your guests then we will prepare 40 of each dessert. When that dessert option is out, you would only have 2 options left and so on. Because we make all desserts fresh we can’t over stock. If you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.

We can offer all the frites options at your event. No limitations.

Do you have any Gluten Friendly options? Our fries are not coated and all the topping and Aioli’s are gluten friendly. The Crème Brulee and the French Macarons are also gluten friendly. These items are not certified GF as they are still made in a kitchen that bakes with Gluten.

What are the Frites and Desserts served on?

All frites are served in our signature newspaper card board cones with a built in dippers. Our desserts are served on classic white sugarcane paper plates. If you have any custom wedding designed plates, cups, tags, ect that you would like to provide, we would be happy to follow your wedding/special event décor.

How big is “Stella” the Food Truck?

Stella has had a few too many desserts herself! She is a tad large and will need a parking area of at least 30 feet long and 12 feet wide. Stella also weights in at 11,000 pounds so the placement must be able to hold her hefty weight. Stella is large Grumman step van which measures 22-24ft and 12ft wide. She is stunning with a vintage bakery feel that will add a beautiful centre piece at your event.

Do you need hook ups or run off a generator?

Stella is a self contained unit. We run off an inverted generator so much quieter than a regular one. The generator is placed behind the truck and is unseen from the front.

What permits and insurance do I need?

The event must be held on private property. The permit or permission must be obtained by the client for Stella to be on site. Queen Bees will not be held responsible for any public parking violations. Queen Bees has $2,000,000 in general liability. Please contact us if additional insurance is needed.

How long should I wait to book an event?

To make a booking please call or email us at your earliest convenience to ensure we have a spot available for you. We require minimum 2 weeks notice for an event.

Is there a deposit required to book an event?

An event will not be considered booked until we sign an agreement and a 50 percent deposit is retained.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

If for some reason you need to cancel the event, we require 20 days’ notice prior to the event for a full refund of your deposit minus the $100.00 booking fee. If the cancellation is 19 days or less prior the event, Queens Bees Food Truck Ltd. will retain the full deposit. Please keep in mind for all cancelled events there is a $100.00 booking fee that will not be refunded.

Do you have a minimum serving requirement at Events?

We require a minimum order of 100 servings for our special event packages. This doesn’t mean we won’t come if you have a smaller venue it just means that you will need to pay for 100 portions.

How many hours are included in your event and what are the cost to add extra if need be?

Queen Bees will provide 2 hours of serving time to you and your guests. If you require more than a 2-hour window for service, it will be an additional $100.00 per half hour. We do not charge for set up or take down. We will arrive 45 minutes before service and it will take approximately 45 minutes to pack up. Please keep in mind if your event is larger we will discuss and agree upon a reasonable serving time for your package. We base our packages on a 100-130ppl event. We are here to serve you!

Do you charge travel fees for events?

For special events within the city of Red Deer there is no travel fee. If the event is outside the city of Red Deer a $1.75 per kilometer fee will apply.

SPECIAL RATE- *Willow Lane Wedding Barn* in Olds is a Flat rate of 200.00 plus GST

What types of payment do you accept?

Queen Bees Food Truck accepts certified cheques, cash, interac e-transfer, Visa and MasterCard. When booking your special event, we require a 50 percent deposit. The remainder of the payment will be due at the end of the event.

Payments can be made out to:

Queen Bees Food Truck Ltd.
32 Dodge Ave
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 3E8
PH: 587-457-0799
Email: fritesandsweets@queenbeesltd.com


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